This is more of an update to and about myself rather than a discussion about programming, software development, or software design. This site basically started out as a showcase as a single component of a freelance web development service that I was starting after the pandemic started and I gotContinue Reading

Recently I’ve been making a lot more effort to practice algorithms. I’ve been trying to burn through all the “easy” problems on Some of them are actually ridiculously easy, but some feel like they should be in the medium difficulty category. However, for many the easy problems, if youContinue Reading

On a recent Sam Harris podcast, he recently interviewed author James Clear about his book Atomic Habits; how small and achievable daily changes that we can make in our lives can have profound effects down the road. For example, many of us have goals. However, these goals are seldom reached.Continue Reading

It’s April 6th, 2020. I haven’t gotten sick with the dreaded SARS-CoV-2 (yet) and I have been self-isolating in my apartment for just over two weeks now. This comes after being laid off from my job as a web developer. One thing that this whole thing has made me realizeContinue Reading